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Chance is an art project that documents and showcases the journey undertaken by many migrants who have been trying to reach the EU illegally for a long time. Each artwork will portray a critical moment or point that migrants passed through.


The project aims to highlight the importance and the need of giving a chance to these migrants by shedding light on the success stories of refugees who were given an opportunity.


This project reflects the personal experience lived by one of the artists who initially conceived this exhibition: Ismael Assi. The places portrayed are the ones that Ismael himself passed through during his journey from Istanbul to Luxembourg.


Expressed through art, the exhibition’s objective is to show the resulting richness of a successful asylum and integration experience. Others include:


  • To raise awareness among the European citizens about the capacity and the potential owned by migrants,

  • To foster artistic expression as a direct and/or indirect means of realizing social inclusion,

  • To focus the attention on offering migrants opportunities and possibilities to develop and grow,

  • To encourage European citizens and institutions to emphasize the results obtained by refugees successfully integrated into their host society.

Art Studio



We feel strongly that Chance. project is a visual, cultural, and artistic expression of the migration dream. It is therefore important to us to put in our best in perfectly implementing it. The goals of the project, if met, will add to other voices and effort in Luxembourg, Greece and around Europe making our world a better place for all irrespective.

While the bulk of implementation will rest on our hands, your support, partnership, and/or sponsorship are equally important.
We are open to your suggestions, constructive criticism, and questions, all of which we hope you will not hesitate to share with us.


+352 691 810 699

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